Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Guitar Star Child of Revolution

Playing guitar on the sofa, back in the good old days of life as an only child. The boy has had to do some fast growing up, what with the responsiblities associated with becoming a big brother, to which he responded by regressing and advancing, just like Papi. Ann had the good sense to give us a book called "So You're A Big Brother Now", which he enjoys quite a bit. After a little more than a week of family leave I started to get high anxiety about my unfinished work tasks, which came with a deflated mood. Hard to match the thrill of the birth and all, and my brain's funny like that anyway, never happy too long. I heard about a book by a guy named Roth, maybe Philip, in which he writes that some lie around waiting for inspiration while the rest of us go back to work, which is what I did. Good for something I guess (I feel somewhat better), although this transition time adjusting to a new family member proves more difficult thant first surmised. Challenges foment growth, so what the hell. The boy and I did get to ride the Steam Train in Tilden Park for the first time last weekend, so milestones continue to click by.
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annba said...

I love the steam trains. Wholesome family fun.

Fourth Musketeer said...

Yeah, the train scene was happenin', and for only $2/pop. The ride was all that too, with exposed rock faces, views of the bay, smells of the forest, a tunnel, microclimates. Can't believe I'd never rode it before, but then there're quite a number of unexperienced yet worthwhile activities we can help each other feel. Foment, foment, fomenting right along, with love.