Friday, April 13, 2007

Beats, Rythms, and Staccato Noismaking

Little Gumba got these finger cymbals making music a few minutes after introduction. Someday we'll tour the galaxy together, with the pets, and a killer digital sampler, much like the Musicians of Bremen.

Had true wild time at an after-hours party called the Ultra-Video Lounge last Friday night. DJ Goldilox did her thing from 2AM-3AM, and she rocked it bigtime, blooming incredible. I'd been trying to get to one of her gigs for the past 3 years, so the night was extra special. My lovely spouse had made a special dragon frog hat with flashing red pom-poms for my birthday, which made it's debut at the party. Turned out to be quite a hit, put to fabulous use by a lively blonde dancer named Fayette, who made like she knew me well before snatching it off my head with a childish squeal. The hat came to life on her, a very animated individual, so all in good fun. Beautiful night, dark bay whirlpools murmuring conversation with the red flashing lights that top the bridge towers. Check out DJ Goldilox, as well as many other artists not available at Tower Records on Addictech

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