Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Self-Portrait of a 3-Year Old Male

The boy's art never ceases to amaze me, because I'm his father for the most part, but also because it's a major trip any way you slice it. Makes me want to draw, finger paint, build a sculpture, let those moonrises shine right through me, bask in heartfelt gratitude.


kenjii said...

I think that keep praising is good chance for the kid to grow his talent. Your child is very good at grasping what its character is. How gifted he is! Let me know your son's growth on this blog!!

It's something strange that I can look for the growth of who I don't meet face to face... Stalker? Nope ;-b

Fourth Musketeer said...

Thanks for the kind words! We all appreciate praise now and again.

He's about 36lbs and 45-inches, if that's what you mean.

This cyberworld is indeed a strange and wonderful place, fun for the now, and when else do we have?