Friday, April 20, 2007

Remembering Present Lives

"Often people claim to remember past lives; I claim to remember a different, a very different, present life." --Philip K. Dick, September 24th, 1977

Call me schizo, but I too sense parallel lives, all around me, and like that guy in Fight Club, am quite underslept.

Mike and Ann threw a heck of a party last Saturday night. They whipped up some special fuel mixture and busted out the fire toys. I got to try the flaming bullwhip - extraordinary. Ann gave an awesome performance with the fire bolos in her special long leather fire-dancing dress, then she wowed us with the flaming finger extensions. Fuck hell I love fire.

They had a full DJ setup downstairs too. Fuck hell I love dancing.

Some friends I hadn't seen for years were in from out of town, and we carried on like reunited brothers after the war. Fuck hell I love old friends.

Put four solid hours in on the road bike before going out. Laurent and I rode from Orinda BART past San Pablo Reservoir, out through Pinole to refinery land, under the Carquinez Bridge, past Port Costa, up McKewan Road to Franklin Road to Martinez, back along Alhambra Valley Road, rode the Bears past Briones, which brought us back to Orinda. The cows and their fluffy calves were way cool, Jerseys, Herefords, Black Angus, other wild looking kinds. The goats were amazing too. Fuck hell I love biking.


siobhan said...

that whip twirling about your head enflamed was a sight to behold.

Fourth Musketeer said...

that had to be one of our funnest nights out together ever - you fun. that was like us in our natural habitat. let's do it again, no less than once a month, for the rest of our natural born lives.

siobhan said...

okay well tell Ann And Mike to have a monthly party and we'll come! the only thing that could have improved that night would have been if we were out in the woods!!