Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Smells Like Adventure

Exciting job titles I'm actively drifting toward:

10. Adventure Capitalist
9. Socialist Adventure Network Chairperson
8. Adventure Anarchist Cook (or Kook, or Coach)
7. Adventure Procurement Specialist
6. Principal Adventure Engineer
5. Urban Adventure Team Leader
4. Adventure Coordinator on the battered but sturdy Ninth Life Gamble
3. Adventure Dance Revolutionary
2. Shaman Shape-Shifter
1. Trans-Dimensional Travel Guide


Dani said...

surely you can work "whirling dervish" into one of those ...

Fourth Musketeer said...

but of course! that's part of the Adventure Dance Revolutionary duties - Whirling Dervish Blitzkrieg Igniter. Tool belt includes all-nighter-hubba-lighter, spin-ready western boots, a long flowing skirt, and one amazingly rich sounding boom box.