Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fly Ride

"The spell broke,
and my chains were shattered too, and fell
to the ground: and I was happy. And though
I’m filled with tedium, I’m content,
after such long slavery, such madness,
to embrace freedom and sense. And though
a life devoid of affection, and noble illusion,
is like a midwinter night empty of stars,
it’s my solace and my revenge for a fate
that’s hard enough for me, that idle
and immobile on the grass I can gaze
at sea and land and sky, and I can smile."


Got a fly ride in on my new skinny-tire 58cm artpiece. Up San Pablo Dam Road past the reservoir, out Moraga Way, right on Canyon, up Pinehurst, past the "imagine going to school there!" Canyon Middle School, taking time to appreciate the massive redwood snag bridges across the creek that follows the bottom of Pinehurst, as well as the living giants, mossy, ferny. Skyline to Grizzly Peak to Wildcat Canyon for a regular pack o' dogs run with the motorcycles, sports cars, and expansive views, just another gunner for speed and lanespace. Trusting the black and yellow demon-bike more around the corners. The leaning zim of it hums electric, eyes wide, tunnel vision of love. You will know the goddesspeed smile when the downhill ends of the sags in the road try to launch you into flashes of forgotten youth, with vigor. Those purple flowers kill me. The gold ones recorporate me. The tiny blue ones sing vital chants sung in the same deja vu rhythms locked and unlocked in all our sub-concious minds since the pre-dawn awakening of humankind. Sounded hell of good.

Saw a red-tail dive on, and fly away with, a furry brown rodent, down under the six o'clock eucalyptus tree shade, as icing on my magic "have AND eat" perpetual motion cake. Back down through the howling wind, past the reservoir and up my personal hill, zig-zagging a bit toward the top, three short hours and 15 long minutes later.

Gumba started crawling with her belly up off the floor today, and later, in a clear voice, used the all powerful "no" word on me. That's eleven months old for you. She sleeps in the crook of my right arm now, and yes, I typed all you see with my left hand.

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